10-Minute Standing Cardio Workout No Equipment Required

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High Knees

The standing cardio workout begins with high knees. Maintain a straight torso and firm core to set up.

Rapidly march one knee above your hip before dropping it to the floor and repeating with the other knee. Maintain a rapid speed while alternating knees. 20 repetitions per leg.

Butt Kickers

Butt kickers start with hands out to the sides and heels up toward your butt.

Every rep, flex your hamstrings. Alternate until reps are done. 20 repetitions per leg.

Squat Jacks

Start this next exercise by squatting with slightly turned out feet. Push your hips back and sit back on your heels until your quads are parallel to the floor to squat.

Keep your feet at that depth and hop to contact your knees. To finish a rep, jump again. Sets of 15 reps.


A-skips conclude this mini-cardio workout. Start this exercise by pushing your opposite knee and one hand up into a mini jump.

Land gently, then switch sides. Do as many sets of 10 repetitions for each side.

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