10 Top Probiotic Foods

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The most popular probiotic food is yoghurt. Lactobacillus acidophilus is found in yoghurt. Be sure the living cultures in probiotic yoghurt provide a health advantage before buying.


Nowadays, several stores sell kombucha. Like with other foods containing living cultures, not all kombucha has probiotic advantages.


Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish made from cabbage and spices like ginger and garlic, is fermented with probiotic lactic acid bacteria.


Kefir is a creamy dairy-free alternative. It may also offer probiotic effects if it contains strains that have been investigated. Add kefir in your next smoothie for probiotics.


Fresh, sour dill pickles are an easy way to add excellent living cultures to your diet, whether you enjoy them on sandwiches, burgers, or as a snack.

Dill Pickles

It has more protein and fibre than tofu and live cultures. Nevertheless, making tempeh needs heat, which kills the living cultures before they reach your gut.


Sourdough bread has no probiotics. Fermented sourdough starter raises bread and develops living cultures. Baking destroys germs.

Sourdough Bread

Eat cheese for living cultures. Unpasteurized cheddar, feta, and gouda include live cultures. Nonetheless, grilled cheese may destroy germs.


Several nutrition bars contain probiotics. Several brands include Bacillus coagulants. Choosing a probiotic's benefit is crucial.

Nutrition Bars

Yeah and no. Dark chocolate's living cultures die when consumed. However, if a probiotic bacterium strain is stated on the label, certain brands may add it.


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