The Top 4 Dumbbell Exercises for Sleek Toned Arms

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Rhomboid Row

Next, tilt forward at 45 degrees and work the core with bent knees. Make a huge circle with your arms with a beach ball between you and look up to stretch your neck.

Pull the weights apart and compress your shoulder blades with elbows at shoulder height. Descend to finish one rep.

Bicep Curl

Bring your arms down, lock your elbows into your sides, and turn your palms up.

Curl your weights towards your shoulders with your hands on your thighs. Return your hands to finish one rep.

Overhead Tricep Extension

When standing, lift your weights over your head and crook your elbows to hide them behind your head.

After activating your triceps, drop your hands behind your head to complete one rep. Always keep the weights behind your head.

Overhead Deltoid Press

Start with a tight stomach and bowed knees. With elbows bent, palms facing out, and elbows just below your shoulders, form a goal post.

Straighten your arms above your head. Before lowering your arms, put your hands to your face.

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