5 Signs Your Relationship Isn't Working

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You're constantly fighting, and it's becoming more intense

Every relationship fights, and sometimes it's good. "You're always arguing with your partner" is a red sign.

Fear, avoidance, and inauthenticity frequently cause a relationship to lack conflict. If your partner fights often, it's a warning flag.

However, you are no longer resolving disputes

Constant fighting stems from unresolved disagreement. Every couple fights, but if neither partner works to de-escalate or make up, the relationship is in trouble.

You should leave the conversation if you detect visceral indications like heart racing or difficulty breathing. In this mood, you and your spouse may say and do things you regret.

You're Hiding From Your Partner

On the other side, you may be holding back from your spouse out of fear. And that may indicate that your partnership isn't functioning.

It's an issue if you're hesitant to raise a topic that requires attention. In a healthy relationship, everything may be shared with the expectation of a polite, open response.

You're also sharing more

After not being heard by their partner, many people start confiding in others. This is also concerning.

They no longer excite you

You no longer like spending time with your partner is an indication that you're unhappy in your relationship.

When they call or text, you may feel anxious. Avoiding your partner is another option.

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