6 Bodyweight workouts That Can Help Slow Aging

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Squats strengthen your legs, balance, and mobility. Until your thighs are parallel, descend.


Pushups strengthen the upper body and core. This practice is easier with both hands on a wall.


Lunges increase balance and leg and hip strength. This exercise starts with feet shoulder-width apart.

Bring one leg forward and bend both knees. Lunge till your back knee touches the ground. Stand up by pressing your front foot.

bird dogs

Start this core-strengthening exercise on all hind legs on a yoga mat with your palms aligned with your shoulders.

Tuck your chin and activate your core as you slowly extend your left arm and right leg. After a second, return to the beginning position and repeat with your right arm and left leg.

side planks

Side planks strengthen the gluteus lumborum, a core/lower back muscle. Set up a side plank by aligning your shoulder with your wrist and your neck with your heel.

Stacked feet provide stability. Maintain hip elevation by using glutes and core. He advises 15-second planks.

dead bugs

The dead bug is "safe and beneficial" for spine osteoporosis patients. It's a "safe" alternative to sit-ups and crunches. Dead bugs strengthen transverse, rectus, and hip flexors.

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