6 Exercises for Men To Lose Belly Fat Without Equipment

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Jumping Jacks

Stand with arms at your sides. Jump up and widen your legs while raising your hands.

Land arms overhead, feet wide. Jump out and return to the starting position. Repeat fast and rhythmically.


Speeding up your muscles to use anaerobic energy is the purpose, not "cardio." This effort develops muscle and burns calories thereafter.


Start with wider-than-shoulder-width feet. Bend your knees and lean back to sit. Press with both feet to restart.

If bodyweight squats are too easy, hop after each repetition. If jump squats tyre you, switch to normal ones.


Start in a plank with your hands beneath your shoulders. Maintaining a tight plank, lower your body to the floor. Push down your hands to return to where you started.


Start standing, then jump up and reach overhead. Drop into a plank to cushion the landing.

 Jump out of plank and pull your feet beneath you. Jump and reach again with both feet before sliding down for the next repetition.


Start with shoulder-width feet. Take a big right step. Bending your right knee and lowering your left knee lowers your hips and upper torso.

Walking lunges: stride forward with your left foot. Before starting the following repeat, return your right foot to its previous position if lunging in situ.

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