7 Body Language Signs That Mean Your Partner Is Cheating

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When someone is hiding, their eye contact may alter first. Cheating partners may avoid eye contact.

They avoid eye contact

Eye contact with their spouse often reminds them of their secret, triggering unpleasant emotions.

They think they're just keeping eye contact. However, even slight eye contact increases might indicate a secret. Looking like the deer-in-headlights emoji is also bad.

They make too much eye contact

This answer is figurative. Cheaters lie by covering their lips when they don't want to address a problem or answer your query regarding their faithfulness.

They cover their mouths

Shifting one's body while talking, even minimally, is a warning indicator. Turning aside indicates deception.

They face their body away from you

When questioned about infidelity, they reflexively defend themselves by crossing their hands or connecting their right arm to their left arm.

They cross their arms

Kissing them gives you their cheek. Cheating partners may avoid physical contact because they feel terrible, unworthy, or no longer interested in you.

They don't respond to physical affection

Cheating partners may suddenly start "additional hugs, kisses, and cuddling. They're making up "for subconscious cheating guilt.

They're overly affectionate

A guilty person may lavish you with affection or create uncomfortable eye contact to compensate for their transgressions.

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