7 Newest National Parks to Add to Your Bucket List

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Congaree National Park

The park features the Boardwalk Path and the Oak Ridge Trail. Paddle the Cedar Creek Canoe Path to see deer, turtles, and alligators.

Great Sand Dunes

The natural juxtaposition of habitats has produced a unique place that catches tourists' hearts.

Pinnacles National Park

It's one of the greatest national parks to observe them in the wild, especially on the High Peaks Trail.

Gateway Arch National Park

Since its 1965 completion, the Gateway Arch has symbolized the St. Louis skyline and American monument architecture.

The NPS declared the 91-acre property a National Park in 2018 to commemorate the US's westward expansion. Its uncommon location in a big metropolis makes it a day-trippable park.

Indiana Dunes National Park

Before becoming a national park in 2019, Indiana Dunes was a national lakeshore. Visitors have enjoyed this waterside marvel even before its makeover.

White Sands National Park

This natural wonder offers a unique setting for day and night photography, sandboarding, trekking, and exploring.

New River Gorge National Park

The New River Gorge, which became the youngest National Park in 2020, is home to one of the continent's oldest rivers.

West Virginia is famous for its whitewater rafting and other attractions including Thurmond's ghost town and Sandstone Falls.

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