According to Astrologers Nastiest Zodiac Sign

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Geminis have two personalities: amiable and gregarious, and intense. Don't worry, everything will be back to normal soon.


They shut down when they are unhappy. Cancers can be incredibly petty, but they are rarely nasty.

They'll be aggressively passive. If you bring up their wrongdoings, they will snap and deny it.


This tense sign may appear bothersome due to their detached personality and incapacity to recognise how their activities effect others.


Virgos, who are analytical perfectionists, often assess themselves and others. This dark side may cause people to be harsher toward others, particularly if they despise themselves.

Because they detect shortcomings, Virgos can criticise at any time. They want to help others by bringing these concerns to light.


If you have a disagreement with an Aries, remember that they will most likely feel bad after their outburst.

Aries is less inclined to harbour resentments. They'll most likely move on after a massive battle.


Scorpio confronts evil in order to eliminate it. They will assault and "boldly condemn" evildoers.

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