Actionable Ways to Show a Man You Love Him

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Put your phone down

The guy brain perceives seeing you examine your phone throughout dinner as "I'm not valued."

Dress up

Men are much more attractive than women. Your gorgeous clothing indicates him you want him.

 Make him his favorite meal

When you become a favorite thing for him, he falls in love with you.

Self-care is important

Stress management, healthy diet, exercise, and personality are all activities you do for yourself, but they are also methods to demonstrate your love for him.

Help him take time for himself

Suggest he relaxes with friends, plays games, or sleeps in periodically. Required.

 Compliment him

Tell him how fantastic you think he looks when he's all dressed up. When you put out an efforts, you wish to be acknowledged.

 Let him choose the movie

Usually doing so entails allowing the opposing team member make the final decision.

Appreciate his small gestures

Thank your hubby for taking the kids to school or food shopping. 

seven-second hug

You should do 7 second Hug with your hubby, it will make him very happy.

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