Adored Pizza Chain Is Still Struggling

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Pizza franchises have endured highs and lows this year. Papa John's had record summer earnings.

They just added 50 stores in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. Domino's sales rose, but they're still suffering.

The company's sales increased 17.5% before September 6. It was the chain's best year in almost a decade.

Cheeseburger pizza and chicken taco pizza are adding to the menu this autumn. Domino's introduced fresh versions after eight years.

Coronavirus pandemic expenses are mounting. The corporation lost $7 million because of COVID-19.

Paid sick leave, PPE, cleaning supplies, and hourly frontline pay total $11 million. This modification reduces the company's ability to reach 25,000 outlets by 2025. They have 17,000+.

Allison feels encouraged by Domino's sales despite the company's struggles. "We don't have all the answers, but we'll keep executing," he adds.

"We've improved and come back to where we were pre-pandemic or better," he adds.

Domino's sells a pizza that's lighter than you may expect. This popular Domino's menu item is healthier than you believe.

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