Amazing Facts About Your Zodiac Sign

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Five presidents are Scorpios, including Joe Biden; four are Aquarius. Aries and Virgo are the two least common presidents.

The oldest horoscope was written in cuneiform for Apr. 29, 410 B.C.

Among women. Hello! revealed that Leos are twice as likely to go to the gym than other signs.

A blood is creative and obstinate, whereas O is confident and self-centered.

In 2011, a Chinese language training company's hiring manager said Virgos and Scorpios shouldn't apply.

100 prominent children's star signs were evaluated. Sagittarius was the top sign for child stars, producing one in five.

Leos are most prone to obtain traffic tickets. Aries drivers have the fewest infractions.

Capricorns have the most Ashley Madison accounts. Data study discovered 22 prominent Scorpio international leaders.

21% of the list's members were sun or moon Aquarius. Next was Cancer (12%).

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