AMC Is Bringing Back Theater Popcorn To Walmart

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Popcorn sales dropped drastically during the epidemic and you might be tired of eating popcorn at home now. There is a good news for you.

The AMC has announced that it is bringing back two types of popcorn, which are microwaveable and ready to eat popcorn.

And these two types of popcorn will be launched in three flavors which are Extra Butter, Classic Butter and Low Salted.

The cost of microwavable popcorn items are $4.98 for six bags and cost of ready to eat popcorns are $3.98 for 4.2 to 5.2 ounces.

AMC will launch these popcorn items on March 11 and the date is intentional and will be made available only in a few Walmart stores.

But you do not have to be sad because in April these products will be available in The Every Store of Womart.

Movie lovers have started posting showing excitement for this product of AMC.

One Twitter user wrote that "This product looks like ps5 will be sold and it is special only for Walmart store."

But AMC says that in mid-2023, these products will be made available to other retailers as well.

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