Appetizer To Never Order at a Restaurant

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Steakhouse salads and tartare are the best starting plates. Some chefs disdain Italian restaurants' mozzarella sticks, yet they're good.

Some appetisers are awful. These initial impressions are bound to leave a terrible taste, whether they're seasonal, inauthentic, or something you could create at home better.

Why order a Caprese salad in fall when Motyka offers delicata squash with goat cheese and salsa macha or apples and endive with apple butter vinaigrette and manchego?

Raw oysters and shrimp are also freshness-dependent. That's wise considering how many ailments these goods have caused. Many chefs recommend avoiding them as appetisers.

If you can't see the water or it's not a seafood restaurant, skip these items—your tummy will thank me.

These oysters are generally kept chilled. If they don't move when squeezed with lemon, they're not fresh. Pre-shucked oysters are bitter and disgusting."

Instead, recommends ordering shrimp appetisers with a twist, like our New Orleans-style creamy BBQ shrimp with crispy garlic crostini.

As a Spanish chef, I wouldn't order croquetas in an American steakhouse. Chefs are enthusiastic about their food, therefore order what they love.

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