Arby's Is Introducing A Spicy Food Challenge

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Back in January, Arby's tested the waters with their Diablo Dare Chicken Sandwich, a sandwich with a moderate amount of heat.

This autumn, it will return, and it will bring company. The Diablo Dare Roast Beef Sandwich and the new Diablo Loaded Fries will be served with it.

There are four sources of heat for both the chicken and roast beef sandwiches.

The toasted red chipotle bread, fire-roasted jalapeos, Diablo BBQ sauce, and blazing spicy spices give these burgers their signature kick.

The Loaded Fries are served with a different take on this, as they are topped with cheddar cheese sauce, fire-roasted jalapeos, spicy spice, and Diablo BBQ sauce.

Arby's is offering a free "extingui-shake" with every Diablo Dare order this time around. Get a complimentary shake to cool up with when you dare to order the sandwich and fries.

On October 24th, you may start ordering Diablo-themed food. Obviously, their stay on Earth will be brief.

But if you want to stay relevant in the fast food industry, nothing beats creating a fantastic limited-time deal that you can recycle. Have a look at the Mexican pizza.

If you really enjoy this dish and it disappears off the menu, don't lose hope. A successful reversal of fortune is inspiring to listen to.

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