Attention-Seeking Zodiac Sign According to Astrologers

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They would like to have to be seen by the right people so they can build relationships with people in power and reach their professional and personal objectives.

They won't ask for compliments directly, but if they think they're appreciated, they'll go out of their way.


If a Virgo helps you, they expect you to thank them. They need affirmation more than they let on, so if you don't say anything, they might get sad.


Sagittarius is outgoing and likes to try new things. It's not a secret that they depend on people liking them. Because people like them, they feel liked and seen.


You love hearing about their thoughts, ideas, jokes, and strange facts. Also, they'll do anything to prove how valuable they are.


Being the first sign of the zodiac, they might have a big head. Attention helps them feel like they belong and are liked.

If you don't pay attention to this fire sign, they will get tired of you.


They were made to shine and can teach us how to be proud of our own beauty.

Leo needs attention to do well, just like Aries. They'll find a way to get people's attention without realising it.

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