Babybel Launched its First New Cheese in 9 Years

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Babybel cheese is cute, easy to carry, and can be peeled. Babybel is adding two new flavours to its wax-coated, wrapped product that is sold all over the world.

In a recent press release, the snack cheese company said that a new flavour was coming out. This gives cheese lovers more options for eating on the go.

Monterey Jack is the first new flavour of Mini Babybel in nine years. Babybel took 15 months to make and test this cheese because there was "strong market demand.

" The new 100% real cheese is "mild and creamy with a touch of sweetness." Each serving has almost 4 grammes of protein.

Babybel did a survey in May 2022 and found that 90% of adults would buy the cheese and 80% of kids would eat it if they had it at home.

The new Mini Babybel Mozzarella is "even creamier and tastes more like real mozzarella" than the 2013 version.

It can be bought at grocery stores. Both Monterey Jack and Mozzarella have four grammes of protein.

In a news release, Babybel's brand director said, "As their needs change, so do we by updating our portfolio."

"Consumers drive changes to products and new versions of them. We took their ideas and used them to make Monterey Jack and improve Mozzarella."

Babybel's newest cheeses come in packs of 12 that cost $7.99 at Albertsons, Hy-Vee, Wakefern, and Walmart.

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