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Barilla's Just Launched Fancy New Pasta

No one makes more tasty and chain pasta in quantity than barilla.

This company sells pastas of more than 160 sizes in more than 100 countries.

Over 140 years ago, the global firm began as a Parma bread and pasta business.

The company's characteristic blue packaging proclaimed "Italy's No. 1 brand of pasta" until a class-action lawsuit in 2022 accused it of misleading US consumers.

The majority of Barilla products sold in the United States are manufactured in Iowa and New York, not in Italy.

The $2.99 bundles will be available at Harris Teeter, ShopRite, Tops, and Fairway beginning this month.

Barilla spaghetti noodles, like other supermarket brands, are shiny, smooth, and straight. Teflon is used in modern industrial pasta moulds.

The Gentile bronze-cut bucatini is unique in several respects. Gentile bucatini is rougher and more irregular.

Once sauced and served, al Bronzo, like bronze-cut pasta, holds sauce well. When using low-quality pasta, sauce collects below and around the fibers.

The bronze-cut pastas appear to be "like a Mercedes and a Ferrari" when combined. Which one does the Italian chef drive?

However, the sauce-gripping properties of Barilla's new pasta may make it a viable option for home chefs eager to up their pasta game without spending a fortune on Gentile.

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