Baskin-Robbins Launched A Chicken Like Tasted Scoop

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McDonald's Eye-Popping Green Shamrock Shake and Tuco Bell's Fan-Favorite Doritos Locos Tucos are items we've seen famous outside the chain and we've never seen before.

But Baskin Robinson has invented an ice cream flavor that tastes similar to chicken.

This chain will launch this flavor in the month of March and this flavor may become very famous.

Chain said in a press release that, "This menu item has 0% chicken, and it is very tasty, and its taste will look like chicken."

The new flavour is buttermilk waffle ice cream with "crispy chick'n & waffle bits" and a bourbon maple syrup swirl.

The brand marketing officer of the chain said, "We feel proud to innovate new flavors and given the craze of chicken waffles, we have innovated a bold flavor."

The chain has launched a brand new flavor on March 1 so that it can know the reaction of customers.

A Twitter user commented on Chain's post, writing that "We can no longer wait to test it."

Consumers who live in New York City can test this flavor on March 7 without any charge.

On March 26, the company will launch a Get Egg-cited Cake for Easter. Through April 9, a "unique fault line frosting method" makes the hued ice cream cake look like a broken egg.

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