Beloved Stores Are Closing After Over 70 Years

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Stores that have been operating for decades provide recognisable faces, goods, and pleasant service. Sometimes, even after 70, 80, or 100 years, these stores fail.

Bartell Drugs was founded in 1890 in Seattle, Washington. On Sept. 14, a small chain's Chinatown International District facility was shuttered due to

business strategy, lease and rent considerations, local business climate and viability and store performance.

Folsom General Store in Louisiana, which established in 1938, closed in September.

Randsburg General Store in California's Mojave Desert is trying to survive as another closes. According to a Sept. 30 Facebook post, "support and generosity" kept doors open "for a little bit longer"

After 71 years, a modest clothes business on Staten Island's West Brighton is closing. Suzanne's Fashion Corner, Ltd.'s Facebook page announced a storewide liquidation sale on Oct. 27.

The store's owner, "This is not Amazon." "Our products are unique. I've sold rare items to five generations. Great! I hate closing, but I have to."

Livonia, Michigan's hardware shop will close. Joe and Jeri Dorr are selling Wright's Hardware and retiring.

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