Beloved Subway Footlong Pass Is Finally Returning

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Subway offers great deals. The chain has maintained budget-friendly discounts, especially during severe inflation.

Most don't aware that franchise owners disliked Subway's $5 footlong offer as much as loyal consumers did. Currently, two footlongs cost $10.

Local franchise owners protested the 2020 deal's return. Subway restricted the discount to its app to discourage widespread use.

Since 2012, the Subway app has encountered issues. The internet exploded when the app glitched. The app now provides "extra offers" and the secret vault menu.

The software saves money and eliminates lunch rush lineups. A discontinued deal gives Subway app customers additional discounts.

The company launched its first subscription sandwich service in summer 2022. App users may "unlock" a month of half-price footlong sandwiches for $15 ahead.

The 10,000-pass Footlong Pass sold out in six hours. Those who wanted the offer but weren't among the 10,000 can redeem themselves.

The app and will launch the pass on March 21 at 8 am EST. 250,000 passes are available this time.

MyWay provides various discounts if you don't receive a pass. Using the code BOGO50, consumers can receive a second footlong half-off in March and April.

If they get sandwiches tattooed on their flesh, superfans of the chain may enjoy a lifelong supply of sandwiches.

Download the app to start earning points and incentives for sandwich purchases without making such a significant change.

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