Best Cat Breed for Each Zodiac Sign

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Aries : Egyptian Mau Cat

The Egyptian Mau is a favourite choice for energetic Aries. These lively felines complement Aries's adventurous nature.

Taurus : American Shorthair Cat

Taureans might be stubborn and ferocious when provoked, yet in their environment they're calm and composed.

Gemini : Siamese Cat

Geminis, ruled by Mercury, require a talkative partner. Siamese cats purr passionately to communicate their requirements.

Cancer : Sphynx Cat

Because they lack hair, these cats adore being petted or dressed up to be warm. Sphynx cats are gregarious, lively, and appealing.

Leo : British Shorthair Cat

Leos who like to be admired will love this cat's silky, fluffy coat and round, squishable face.

Virgo : Persian Cat

Neat-freak Virgo doesn't want a noisy, messy pet. Persian cats are calm, independent, and quiet, so they'll suit in a Virgo's household.

Libra : Scottish Fold Cat

Social, affectionate, and clever, Scottish Folds adore cuddling into laps. Scottish Folds are fantastic with kids, but be careful to educate them not to be too rough.

Scorpio : Burmese Cat

Like Scorpios, Burmese cats are faithful to their owners; nicknamed "velcro cats," they stick closely to them. Don't expect them to be welcoming to newcomers.

Sagittarius : Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinians and Sagittarians are both active, athletic explorers. Abyssinians are restless like Sags.

Capricorn : Munchkin Cat

Cap sees opportunities where others perceive hurdles. Munchkin cats never allow their flaws stop them from enjoying their greatest lives.

Aquarius : Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats are sociable, affectionate, and playful, but they can also learn tricks. They may be called and play fetch.

Pisces : Maine Coon Cats

Pisces and Maine Coon cats both like solitude. This well-mannered, friendly cat is called the "gentle cat."

Best Friend For Each Zodiac Sign

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