Best Celebs to Serve in Restaurants

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Reddit servers considered James Gandolfini a saint. Gandolfini's "problem" was overdrinking and purchasing drinks for others.

James Gandolfini

One Reddit server reported actor Tobey Maguire was nice, considerate, and sought no special treatment, waiting patiently while

Tobey Maguire

service was terrible due to backups and recognising several staff members when he returned for future meals.

Foo Fighters and Nirvana singer Dave Grohl is polite and modest. How? Humility. He was termed "such a handsome dude" by Reddit servers.

Dave Grohl

One server applauded Cameron Diaz's civility and how she calmly and softly dismissed a group of admirers who wanted her photo and

Cameron Diaz

autograph, thanked them for their attention but saying she was enjoying a private lunch with a friend and wanted to enjoy their company.

One server said Cooper and his wife were "among the nicest persons I ever served" and friendly to other guests.

Alice Cooper

One Reddit waiter who served Christopher Walken described him a "great man" and said, "he truly talks like that."

Christopher Walken

One waitress who served Williams many times over a week called him "nice, humorous, and unassuming," and all other staff did too.

Robin Williams

Sir Mix a Lot is a kind person and smart, understanding what his partner required to be happy. One waitress called him "a nice man" while another told a funny story.

Sir Mix a Lot

Bill Murray is said to be "cool as hell" and witty and pleasant. He gets drunk often, yet he's always friendly.

Bill Murray

Scarlett Johansson is courteous at 5:30 a.m. One Starbucks barista said Johansson was "very sweet" and "had this wonderful vibe around her."

Scarlett Johansson

One server said the singer/actor made his own reservation and dined with his parents, grandparents, and a sibling.

Nick Jonas

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