Best Drinks To Reduce Inflammation

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Lemon water

Lemon water is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory due to its high vitamin C concentration. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress, which causes inflammation.

Celery juice

Celery juice may be anti-inflammatory, lowering the risk of chronic ailments such as heart disease and diabetes.


While sugary diets can induce inflammation, drinking coffee black maximises its anti-inflammatory effects.

Pineapple juice

The pineapple stem has the most bromelain. The rough stem may be mixed or juiced with the sweeter flesh to make a delicious anti-inflammatory drink.

Warm turmeric milk

Turmeric powder blends well into smoothies and creates a tasty tea. But, adding milk or avocado to your turmeric smoothie helps the body absorb curcumin.

Green tea

Green tea includes disease-fighting antioxidants such as EGCG, which helps enhance metabolism and fat burning.

Ginger tea

The tasty spice has relieved nausea, stomachaches, and discomfort for millennia. Organically relieve joint pain. Researchers think it reduces pain and inflammation.

Tart cherry juice

Tart cherry juice decreases blood pressure and LDL (bad) cholesterol, lessening the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Bone broth

Simmering chicken, cow, and other animal bones and connective tissues creates a health elixir rich in minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that support a healthy gut bacteria.

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