Best Exercises To Stay Fit For Men Over 50

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1) Squats

Select a squat method that is difficult yet manageable. This can include box squats with just your body weight, goblet squats with a kettlebell, or heavier barbell squats.

2) Pull-ups

Maintaining upper body strength and shoulder range of motion is essential for general fitness and day-to-day strength. 

3) Pushups

Pushups are an excellent exercise for a variety of reasons. They exercise the chest and shoulders in a coordinated and useful manner.

4) Deadlift

A version of the deadlift is required for physical fitness. The standard barbell deadlift and the Romanian deadlift are both common exercises.

5) Overhead Press

Maintenance of upper-body strength and mobility requires overhead presses. You can overhead press using barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebe

6) Rows

Rowing exercises include horizontal pulling and target the primary upper back and biceps muscular groups.

7) Lunges

Lower-body lunges are a good functional exercise. In addition to increasing strength, they increase balance, coordination, and agility by mimicking the regular gait.

8) Standing Rotations

It is essential to do some sort of rotational core training to maintain core strength and spinal health as you age.

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