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Best Gray Hair Makeup Shades Beauty Experts Say


To begin with, being grey would undoubtedly deplete you, therefore reintroducing colour will be critical. Bronzer is what I recommend for this.

Bronzer is used as eyeshadow as well as on the high portions of my face where the sun would naturally kiss it.

Shades of Pink

When in doubt, a lovely pink tone for your lips, eyeshadow, and cheeks is a good choice.

This charming pink combination will accentuate your features and brighten your face, especially if you've given up hair colour.


Using champagne or beige-toned cosmetics may warm up your face and make your skin look fresh, giving your appearance some sparkle.

Whether you're going out during the day or at night, playing with different champagne tones will provide a lovely glow.

Bright Berries

Eyeshadow in plum or mauve tones looks great on folks with grey hair. If you don't feel comfortable wearing a buffed-out grey on the eye, match it with silver strands

Brown also feels that violet and blue colours look great on grey hair.

Bold Reds

It's typical to assume that you should tone it down your lip colour out of fear of over-emphasizing your look, yet the opposite is true.

Consider using a dramatic lipstick colour, such as a bright pink tone. Create utilising light colours to avoid a lifeless, washed-out effect.

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