Best Grocery Chain Is Ending This Convenient Service

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America's #1 grocery chain is ending a service many shoppers found handy during the outbreak.

Wegmans has over 100 East Coast outlets and offers the same bulk products as Costco.

The business alerted consumers via email this week that it will soon discontinue its in-store scan-and-go mobile app, which let them bypass lines and save time.

The Wegmans SCAN app allowed users to scan barcodes on their smartphones while shopping, allowing for smooth self-checkout.

Why? Wegmans is having too many SCAN app "losses," according to an email.

"We rapidly launched our SCAN app to offer contactless in-store buying. Users liked SCAN's ease. We've attempted several changes to keep it.

The program's losses preclude us from offering it in its existing form "CEO emailed.

The firm won't elaborate on its ambiguous statement. Wegmans spokesperson: "We've decided to switch down the app until we can make adjustments"

Wegmans isn't done with smartphone applications and unique shopping. The initial email to SCAN app users said the chain "will continue to develop new digital solutions"

SCAN app users will receive a $20 Shoppers Club discount on Sunday.

Scan-and-go technology is helpful for customers but can give shops issues. Apps similar Wegmans' were connected to increased theft and missing merchandise at other supermarkets and chains.

According to a former executive, Walmart paused its scan-and-go programme in 2018 citing theft concerns. Since then, Walmart+ customers have mobile scan-and-go.

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