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best u.s. cities for pizza lovers

Providence, Rhode Island

On the other hand, the former is the only pizzeria in Rhode Island that cooks its pizzas using coal and uses real Pennsylvania coal.

New York, New York

Luzzo's pizza has a crispier crust than others, but it's still tasty and typical of the Neopolitan style.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit pizza has thick, chewy deep dish dough, square pieces, with crispy cheese that reaches all the way to the edges.

New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven pizzerias employ high-heat ovens to get that char. Many pizzerias substitute mozzarella with parmesan or pecorino.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thin, crispy pizza made in the Italian style, and slices from a giant rectangular pizza, are the two most common pizza options in the City of Brotherly Love.

St. Louis, Missouri

The pizza in this city is distinguished by its cracker-like crust, which is cooked without yeast and is typically square or rectangular in shape.

Chicago, Illinois

It is well-known for its loaded pizzas and Lou Malnati's, which is renowned for its ultra-crispy dough and premium ingredients.

Los Angeles, California

It requires pinching the dough in order to create a crust that is both soft and crispy.

Seattle, Washington

Wood-fired pizzas made with long-fermented dough and premium, locally produced ingredients are a specialty of the chic and cosy Delancey.

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