Best Yoga Poses based on your Zodiac Sign

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aries: boat pose

Boat Pose strengthens the midriff, balancing energy swings by affecting the solar plexus. It tones the body, strengthening abs, spine, and hips.

taurus: tree pose

Tree Pose fosters patience, fortitude, and balance. It relaxes, stretches, and strengthens the lower body, busts stress, and improves balance and flexibility.

gemini: eagle pose

This pose enhances balance and flexibility while loosening limbs and stretching upper, core, and lower body. It boosts digestion by stimulating blood circulation.

cancer: child's pose

This pose improves blood circulation and releases tension in back, chest, and shoulders. Perfect for overwhelming workdays, it offers comfort and relaxation.

leo: sphinx pose

Sphinx Pose fits Leo like a second skin. It relaxes the spine and reproductive organs, restores energy, and complements Simha kriya, the lion's breath.

virgo: goddess pose

Goddess pose complements grounded, patient, and powerful Virgos. It strengthens inner thighs, legs, and back, stimulates circulation, and warms up the body with ease.

libra: half moon pose

Half-moon pose harnesses balance power, expands heart, and manages gravity. Libra's love of balance is reflected in this pose, which involves balancing.

scorpio: locust pose

Locust pose strengthens pelvic floor, core, and legs while activating muscles. It reflects Scorpios' passion and intense emotions despite their unassuming nature.

sagittarius: reverse warrior

Reverse warrior pose complements your tenacious optimism. With extreme focus, you stay attentive to your goals, avoiding any deviation.

capricorn: mountain pose

Capricorns, prone to burnout, benefit from the mountain pose to build endurance and stamina for yoga challenges. It's deceptively difficult.

aquarius: upward facing wheel

Aquarians find energy in Upward Facing Wheel pose to create a better world. Their imaginative nature leads to constant problem-solving and thinking.

pisces: fish pose

This zodiac sign is represented by fish pose, reflecting deep emotions. The pose opens heart and throat process, aiding associated feelings.

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