Bob Evans Recalls Sausage Products

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Products made of Italian pig sausage on September 8th are being recalled by Bob Evans Farms Foods, the company stated today.

The items have not been linked to any proven cases of bad reactions, although some buyers have experienced a peculiar and concerning issue.

Some of these sausage items are believed to still be in consumers' freezers and fridges. People who have bought these items are strongly advised not to use them.

Get rid of them by throwing them away or taking them back where you bought them.

It routinely oversees assessments of recall efficacy to ensure that firms inform customers about recalls and that companies take efforts to ensure the product is no longer available for purchase.

Potentially harmful foreign substances, such as a thin blue rubber, may have made their way into the Italian pork sausage products.

Bob Evans was made aware of the issue after receiving complaints from customers who had detected the substance in their purchased items.

The products on next slide are subject to recall :-

One-pound chubs containing 'Bob Evans Italian Sausage' with lot code XEN3663466 and a “USE/FRZ BY” date of 11/26/22, with a time stamp between 14:43 and 15:25.

The recalled items are USDA-inspection marked with the number "EST. 6785," which is the establishment's unique identifier. These products were sent to shops around the country.

Call Geo Money, Director of Communications at Bob Evans Foods, Inc., at 440-463-3264 if you're a consumer or member of the media with questions concerning the recall.

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