Body Language Signs That Mean Someone Is Attracted to You

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They look at different parts of your face

A buddy will usually glance at you when you converse. If you like them, you want them to scan your whole face.

Looking at your eyes, lips, hair, then back to them—something like that.

They make the space between you smaller

Watch their proximity to see if they like you. If attraction is there, most people close the gap.

Attraction might cause surprising behaviour. You may unconsciously lean toward someone you like.

They smile at you

Fake smiles may be courteous or unpleasant. Smiling is another typical indicator of attraction.

A sincere grin is usually obvious. Body language is primitive and hard to mimic.

They initiate physical touch

A little touch on your shoulder or leg may be enough. Even minor touches may indicate interest.

We want to physically feel someone we like. Psychic contact releases oxytocin, the "love hormone." This release makes us "feel closer [and] more connected" to someone.

They appear more nervous around you

Even after high school, many individuals are apprehensive around their crushes.

Someone attracted to you may blush when near you, trip over their words, and sweaty hands.

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