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Body Language Signs That Mean Someone Is Jealous

They will cross their arms and legs

When talking or sitting, a jealous person's arms or legs are twisted and tightly locked together.

They turn away or glare at you

Someone who is envious of you may turn toward or away from you, which might create a sense of protection.

They will narrow their eyes

When a person is jealous of you, he will keep staring at you with his eyes narrowed.

Jealousy may signal that a person is feeling threatened or is evaluating a prospective competition. These are indicators of envy.

They will puff their chest

If they feel that someone is looking big in front of them, then they feel very nervous and small.

In such a situation, he tries to inflate his chest because he feels insecure.

They fidget

When a person is nervous, they play with your hair and this can be a sign of jealousy.

When someone feels envious, they may touch their face or neck, which may indicate discomfort or insecurity. This is a regular event when someone is feeling threatened.

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