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Body Language Signs That Mean Someone Is Lying

Their feet are positioned in a particular way

Someone preoccupied by their falsehoods may tap or wiggle their feet a lot. One's feet reveal the most.

If a person's foot points away suddenly, they may be fleeing or lying. Their feet contradict their words.

They are fidgeting with their appearance

Lies can cause two more appearance changes. They may wipe their head with a cloth.

Another is that they worry with and brush long hair to the side. This distracts people from their falsehoods.

They can't make eye contact

As the windows to the soul, eyes may reveal deception. Eye movement can "simply" reveal a liar.

If they avoid eye contact, they realise they're lying and are decreasing their guilt.

Their body appears more tense

This makes people cross their arms and legs, making them look smaller and more uncomfortable. Confident, truthful people have open body postures.

Their body language is different than it usually is

Each person's main body language symptom of lying is unique.

If someone's body language differs from others, it's crucial to examine. Someone lying should modify their conduct.

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