Burger Chains That Make Burger Patties Fresh

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All its patties are made by hand and grille is used for this.


Before an order is made, nothing is cooked, and when it comes time to make your hamburger, Fuddruckers uses never-frozen meat.

Counter Custom Burgers

The Counter Custom Burgers offers the highest level of customization. Here, your burger is hand-crafted with just 11 ingredients and created to order.

Five Guys

Five Guys was opened in 1986 and they used hand made or processed patties which became very famous.


Fatburger was established in 1952 and used strips that were never frozen in this chain.


This more intimate burger restaurant prides itself on using high-quality ingredients and, as they put it, "handmade burgers are our thing."

You can rely on Hopdoddy to use only Verified All-Natural beef and 100% grass-fed, never-frozen bison when you purchase a burger from them.


When grilling their famous Butter Burger, Culver's only utilises fresh, never-frozen beef, and each patty is hand-pressed on-site as soon as an order is received.

Steak 'n Shake

Steak'n Shake was opened in 1934 and these people used to cut steak in front of customers, due to which it came to be known as Steakburger.

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