Burger Chains With the Highest Quality Food

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Since 1961, Burgerville in Oregon and southwest Washington has been serving "fresh meals made with local ingredients."


With its high-quality burgers, salty french fries, and simple milkshakes, the brand continues to please both loyal fans and tourists looking for the perfect pit stop.

All of the simple dishes on the menu are made with 100% real beef that is delivered fresh every day and is never frozen.

Dick's Drive-in

Since 1984, the Wisconsin-based brand has been making burgers that taste better. It is known for its ButterBurger, which is made with beef that has never been frozen.


In 2021, Culver's was one of the top 25 fast-food chains in the United States. With only 782 locations, it sold nearly $1.9 billion worth of food. 

The "two-hands" burger made by a Texas company that opened in 1950 is well-known. Like Culver's, Whataburger's 844 locations in 2020 brought in almost $2.7 billion.


Cook Out was founded in 1989 and now has 313 stores in 10 states. Most of the company's customers are in the Southeast, even though it is based in North Carolina.

Cook Out

Like In-N-Out, the chain's meat commissary, which opened in 1999, has fresh beef that is never frozen and is ground, shipped, and cooked every day.

Former U.S. Army mess cook Milo Carlton started Milo's Hamburgers in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1946. It now has 24 locations.

Milo's Hamburgers

Milo's is known for its "soaked" Famous Sauce burger and three-ingredient Sweet Tea, which the restaurant bottles and sells to other stores.

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