Burger King Puts 80s Classic Back on the Menu

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RBI's Free Report McDonald's rival Burger King has been more innovative. The fast-food chain's Whopper sandwich debuted a decade before Mickey D's Big Mac.

In recent years, the Home of the Whopper has experimented with low-calorie Satisfries, hundreds of Whopper varieties, and whatever Chicken Fries are.

Burger King featured Mac N' Cheetos and was more adventurous than McDonald's. Burger King innovated fast-food sandwiches in the 1970s and 1980s.

In 1978, it unveiled its "long" bread with the first chicken sandwich. The "long bun" line expanded to include 

burgers, a much-maligned veal parmesan, a ham and cheese sandwich, and the Italian Chicken Sandwich, the most popular.

Burger King occasionally reintroduces the Italian Chicken Sandwich. The company has revived the traditional sandwich with a twist.

Burger King will launch the Italian BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich on November 14.

Though similar, the sandwich differs in two significant aspects. First, it's a more natural chicken breast than the original's patties. Second, the bun is circular, not lengthy.

Italian BK Royal Crispy Chicken will debut at select Burger King locations on Nov. 14 and nationally on Nov. 17. 

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