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Burger King Tested New Spicy Chicken Fries

This week, Burger King released Spicy Chicken Fries with a scorching coating. These chicken nibbles include the Ghost Pepper, the world's hottest pepper.

Burger King's house chef stated, "We've looked at a variety of other exotic peppers to experiment with Carolina Reaper, Red Naga, Trinidad Scorpion,

but we eventually opted on Ghost Pepper to provide the heat for Spicy Chicken Fries."

The look: The bright red and orange box with a furious bird face surrounded by flames is the first clue of spice.

Considering chicken fries are hot, I'm interested to try these. More black pepper and a rich orange, Cheeto-like hue characterize the fries.

The taste: The spicy fries had a little front-of-the-tongue tickle with the same crisp texture and tender chicken as the regular ones.

When I chewed, it spread across my tongue and made my mouth thirst. They were hot, even though I have a strong spice tolerance.

Blue cheese or ranch sauce might go well with these. Mild chicken taste complements the spiciness. Again, a cooling sauce would be ideal.

Chicken Fries are hot enough for casual eaters, so I'd stick with these. Burger King's tiny chicken sticks have an excellent taste balance; however the Hot version overpowers it.

If you enjoy spiciness, these are for you, although ordinary Chicken Fries are hot enough for most people.

If Burger King rolls out the test market Churro Fries and Mozzarella Fries, I'll be first in line.

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