Burger King Will Close 26 Restaurants In April

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Burger King's sales have rebounded after being overtaken by Wendy's as the second-largest burger company in America.

Burger King's fourth-quarter 2022 same-store sales and customer satisfaction rose due to a $400 million investment plan to improve its brand and eateries.

However, the fast-food titan faced another roadblock. Last Monday, a Burger King franchisee announced it will shut 26 Michigan shops by mid-April, destroying 424 jobs.

EYM King, the franchisee, also closed permanently due to a "unforeseen business scenario and not being able to achieve a resolution with Burger King Company."

"Unexpected business circumstance"? Burger King sued the franchisee for not paying royalties, ad fund payments, and other fees.

EYM King informed the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity on March 22 that it began shutting stores on March 17 and will complete on or around April 15.

On of March 13, Burger King has 288 Michigan outlets, but EYM King's closures will certainly cut this number.

Unfortunately for Detroit Burger King aficionados, several restaurants are shutting. The EYM King notification lists all closing sites.

EYM Group, which owns Denny's and KFC restaurants, owned EYM King. The EYM Group website no longer features Burger King, and the EYM King website is now down.

In 2023, two more Burger King franchisees filed for bankruptcy to resolve their financial issues, joining EYM King. This year, Corner Bakery, Popeyes, and McDonald's filed for bankruptcy.

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