Burger King's New Whopper Isn't a Whopper

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The "Zesty Horseradish King" is Burger King's latest Canadian sandwich. It's a burger with horseradish sauce.

The Zesty Horseradish King has a flame-grilled Whopper patty, melty cheese, bacon, onion rings, and zesty horseradish sauce on a traditional bun. Double includes two meat patties.

Burger King's latest menu item won't be cheap, despite its recent focus on bargains and affordability.

The website stated that the Zesty Horseradish King costs $9.19 Canadian dollars a la carte, or $6.87 U.S. dollars.

"Franchisees are stressed. Guests feel the pressure too. Every conversation I've had with franchisees in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and

other international markets quickly turns to the volatility and tremendous pressure they and

we are feeling in restaurant level margins and what we're doing to address it "CEO during the chain's third-quarter earnings call.

To counterbalance these cost increases, we may utilise our size and buying power to smooth out the choppiness of commodity increases in local and foreign markets,

but we must do it wisely and understand demand elasticity to ensure that pricing passes through at the highest feasible levels.

The business is also looking at various designs and managing mix to reduce margin challenges, such as

eliminating the Whopper from Burger King's 2 for $6 platform earlier this year and seeing margin gains while still signalling that's an essential value platform.

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