Burger King's Revamped $5 Your Way Meal

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Nothing is wrong with Burger King's Your Way Meal. You receive $5 worth of fast food.

The Whopper slinger recently launched a new menu item, reports.

As part of its revised $5 Your Way Meal, Burger King is introducing the BBQ Bacon Whopper Jr.

It comprises a flame-grilled beef patty topped with bacon, BBQ sauce, mayo, lettuce, onions, tomato, and dill pickles on a lightly toasted bread.

Whatever trio you select, you'll receive a tiny fry and a small drink.

If you want to spend less than the Lincoln, you can. Burger King is offering BOGO Whoppers to fans who research paranormal occurrences in October.

"We at Burger King are pleased to put a fresh spin on our long-standing Halloween tradition," stated Brand Communications Director.

"This year, we want consumers to find ghosts wherever they hang out. If they locate one, we'll reward them for sharing."

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