Butt-Toning Exercises for Men

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Barbell Squats

If you're healthy, barbell back squats are essential for a well-shaped posterior.

This workout loads your body with the most weight, stimulating glute development.

Hex Bar Deadlifts

Hex bar exercises target glutes and other muscles safely and effectively. Hex bars are needed. Squatting with neutral bar handles is the move.

Banded Hip Abduction

To get a fantastic butt, target all glute muscles. Most workouts target the gluteus maximus, the biggest gluteal muscle.

Nevertheless, training the gluteus medius tonifies the upper butt. Hip abduction, such a band walk or clamshell, engages the gluteus medius.

Barbell Hip Thrusts

Barbell hip thrusts stress the glutes horizontally, unlike squats and deadlifts. A bench, barbell, plates, and a foam barbell pad are required.

Romanian Deadlifts

Start with holding a barbell. Hinge at the waist and grab the bar overhand or alternatingly. Drive with both feet to lift the bar to waist height while keeping your spine neutral.

Prevent your knees from folding above 30 degrees and drop the bar to just above your knees. Drive through both feet into the next repetition when your glutes and hamstrings flex against the weight.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Split squats are a great glute workout. You need a seat or other elevated step about 18 inches from the ground, according on your height.

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