Calmest Zodiac Sign

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Taurus insists you leave your worries at the door since they don't want them to disrupt their schedule.


Sagittarians see the broad picture, thus they like resting. They avoid gossipers and dramamakers to keep their lives stress-free and serene.


As the sign of the scales, they assess the pros and cons of each scenario before rushing in,

which, together with their composure and social know-how, makes them look so relaxed. As is the fact that Venus rules them.


Pisces may hide from reality, yet they wish to help others and function as therapists. Pisces are tranquil because they're so empathetic.


Capricorns are ambitious, resilient, and determined, yet they can't achieve their goals without focus and calm.


Cancer is the zodiac's homebody, thus they prefer resting in the shower or watching a movie on the couch.

This zodiac sign prefers slumber to frenetic, chaotic situations. The crab doesn't fare well with emotional stress. Cancer relaxes.

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