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Celebrity Love Match For Each Zodiac Sign

Pisces Soulmate: Rihanna (Pisces)

Neptune rules you, thus Rihanna is an excellent celebrity match. She's upbeat and honest. She understands right from wrong, like you.

Aquarius Soulmate: Doja Cat (Libra)

You admire Doja Cat's eccentricity. She's not afraid to explore to produce great work, thus she sets the trend. You two are courageous and unstoppable.

Capricorn Soulmate: John Boyega (Pisces)

Pisces John Boyega is inspiring. You'll like his wit and determination. As a dreamer, Pisces understands overachievers.

Sagittarius Soulmate: Stevie Nicks (Gemini)

Stevie Nicks' fiery, in-your-face manner matches your upbeat mood. Geminis have active minds and don't back down. You're unstoppable together.

Scorpio Soulmate: Ryan Reynolds (Scorpio)

As a water sign, you're hard to open up. Scorpio You should date Ryan Reynolds. Creative and spiritual, you're magnetic.

Libra Soulmate: Taylor Swift (Sagittarius)

Someone smart, bold, and engaging. Sagittarius Taylor Swift. She's your gal for last-minute excursions and late-night chats.

Virgo Soulmate: Keanu Reeves (Virgo)

Keanu Reeves is a fellow Virgo. You're awesome! His commitment and compassion enhance your practicality and self-improvement.

Leo Soulmate: Kim Kardashian (Libra)

You attract gorgeous, fun-loving people as the spotlight sign. Libra Kim Kardashian is a great, balanced BFF. She's amusing but won't allow you go overboard.

Cancer Soulmate: Dev Patel (Taurus)

You and Taurus embrace doing things slowly and appreciating life. You love having friends over. Dev Patel's inner circle is tiny, like yours. He's a good ranter.

Gemini Soulmate: Miley Cyrus (Sagittarius)

You're Gemini's social butterfly. Geminis are adaptable and clever. Miley Cyrus helps explorers. Cyrus is a free-spirited talker.

Taurus Soulmate: Robert Pattinson (Taurus)

Robert Pattinson is a terrific celebrity soulmate since he's always there. In trouble, call him. He's an eccentric, down-to-earth buddy.

Aries Soulmate: Serena Williams (Libra)

You need an intense, competitive partner. Serena Williams is your opponent. Williams' enthusiasm and dedication make him a good collaborator.

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