Cheat Code to Get Six-Pack Abs Faster

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WHAT’S A SIX-PACK?: The rectus abdominis muscle gives that washboard image. A flat band of fibres runs vertical from the pubic bone through the ribs. It supports interior organs.

reduce calories

To lose one pound a week, reduce your daily calories by 500. You may cut fewer calories if you exercise.

If you exercise regularly, you may just need to trim 250 calories.

increase your protein intake

Weight loss causes muscle loss. Protein—the building block of muscle—is essential for muscular maintenance.

Target 1–1.5 grammes per two pounds. Chicken, beef, turkey, lentils, almonds, and Greek yoghurt are protein-rich.

do high-intensity excersises

Riding at full speed for 8 seconds and then slowing down for 12. Women who cycled for 20 minutes,

three times a week, for 15 weeks shed more body fat than those who did aerobic activity.

do resistance training

Cardio and weightlifting seem to be the fat-loss formula. Overweight teenagers who combined cardio and strength exercising for

30 minutes three times a week for a year reduced more body fat and waist circumference than those who only did aerobic exercise.

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