Chipotle to Give Free Food On Watching This Sport

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Sports and fast food go hand-in-hand. Chains pay substantial money to promote or perform at tournaments, while athletes' incomes come from food agreements.

Taco Bell has partnered with the MLB for their annual "Steal A Base, Steal A Taco" promotion for years. Pepsi goods are only sold at MetLife stadium and Coca-Cola products at all Capital One stadiums.

There were even McDonald's Get Free Report Sydney Olympics backpacks in 2000.

Chipotle dabbles with sports occasionally. For the previous Olympic Games in Beijing, the chain debuted the Team Chipotle Menu with dishes by Brooke Raboutou and Jessie Diggins.

Kendall Coyne Schofield's order at the restaurant was chicken, rice, tomato salsa, sour cream, and no cheese.

For every goal scored by the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team, Chipotle will give out 5,000 free entrée vouchers.

The codes will be issued on Twitter by Chipotle (@ChipotleTweets) and USMNT (@USMNT) and valid until the first 5,000 text it to 888222 to obtain another code.

As the average FIFA game has 2.6 goals, Chipotle predicts that the entire worth of entrées will be above $1 million, however the exact figure will depend on how the American team performs.

Bowls may be ordered online and on the Chipotle app, and customers who order them on U.S. Men's team match day can enjoy free delivery with the "USMNT22" coupon code.

The digital menu taps into another trend rocking the fast-food business, which is striving double-time to entice customers to utilise mobile apps.

Wendy's gave away free breakfast sandwiches to app users who made other purchases last summer, while Taco Bell's online-only Taco Lovers' Pass memberships soared to 1.4 million.

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