Chocolate You Should Eat Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican hot chocolate has whipped cream, chocolate, and a spicy kick.

Only strawberries that are covered in chocolate will do. You can dip them in different kinds of chocolate and top them with any tasty things you want.

Taurus: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Gemini: Chocolate Truffles

If you get a variety of chocolate truffles, you won't have to choose between them. It's great for sharing and enjoying with the social butterfly of your sign.

Cancer: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cancers like the food we eat. You like things that are easy and fun, especially if they remind you of your childhood.

Leo: Chocolate Dome Dessert

Pour hot cocoa sauce on top, break this same shell, and you'll reach the warm, fudgy centre. Get extra spoons and ice cream when you order this.

Virgo: Chocolate Mousse

This easy dessert has a lot of taste. We won't tell if you order a second round.

Libra: Chocolate Raspberry Torte

The best dessert for you is a chocolate raspberry torte. What could be better than rich dark chocolate, tart raspberries, as well as sweet whipped cream?

Scorpio: Devil's Food Cake

This sweet delicious treat is a sneaky way to show that you know what's going on. You'll keep licking your fingers until you're done eating.

Sagittarius: S'Mores

S'mores are the ultimate portable dessert. S'mores are easy to make and taste like home, even if you don't have a kitchen. You only need three things and a stick.

Capricorn: Chocolate Martini

Your high-profile personality can only enjoy a shaken chocolate martini. This classy drink is a mix of chocolate and brandy.

Aquarius: Chocolate Taco

You can put whatever you want on top of the chocolate ice cream in this conversation starter.

Pisces: Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae

A brownie sundae that is served well looks like a picture. If you're clever like me, it's the perfect thing to enjoy and talk about with that special someone.

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