Coca-Cola Launched Most Bizarre Flavor Yet

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Coca-Cola often comes out with new flavours and ads. From its classic Coke flavour that no one else can match to its soda

with a marshmallow flavour, the beverage giant is known for its refreshing soft drinks and flavours that people want.

But this month, it's trying a new drink that you'll have to try to believe. Coca-Cola will produce Coca-Cola Move alongside RosalĂ­a, according to a release.

The limited-edition drink will be hard to miss in the U.S. and Canada on February 20. The red and white packaging will be replaced by hot pink.

Coca-Cola called the new flavour "the fiercest and cleverest Coca-Cola Creations flavour ever" when they announced it.

The director of overall strategy for Coca-Cola said that the drink was a movement, not a taste.

Rosala's music inspired us and helped us make our latest Coca-Cola Creations drop. Coca-Cola Move changes the way people drink Coke" he said.

DJ Marshmello and Coca-Cola made a limited-edition Coca-Cola for the year 2022. Dreamworld is a mix of Skittles and Coke, and Coca-Cola Byte is a purple gaming drink.

Cola is the biggest has often kept consumers in the dark about limited-edition soda releases to get them to try it for themselves. For now, "transformational and edgy" will have to do.

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