Common Relationship Problems During Pregnancy

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Hormones rise throughout pregnancy to assist the fetus. Hence, rapid shifts might create stress, sickness, and mood swings in the expecting woman.

mood swings

The happiness hormone estrogens causes mood swings. It can 100-fold the usual in three months. Estrogen and serotonin can destabilize emotions.

Many pregnant women cannot manage their emotions. OCD may ensue. Perinatal OCD can occur (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

Obsession with the pregnancy, occasionally

Psychologists believe physical touch may help partners bond, but pregnant women should see a doctor before engaging in certain postures.

changes in romantic relation

Pregnant women may find romance difficult, especially in the first trimester. They may be unwell, irritable, or exhausted all day. Their belly grows too.

Pregnant women may be dissatisfied in their relationship owing to new limitations for the baby. Pregnant women should avoid alcohol and severe sports.


When their spouse observes and briefly interacts with the "belly inhabitant," the pregnant mother feels every movement and push.

Non-pregnant partners may feel excluded

The non-pregnant partner should talk to the baby in their partner's tummy to avoid feeling left out. They can sing to the infant using their favourite music. This will unite them.

One spouse is usually pregnant. The second can only imagine giving birth.

lack in understanding

Under hormones, a woman may think, "I am pregnant and feel like my spouse doesn't understand what I'm going through," even though her partner is sensitive and kind.

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