Costco Canceled a Popular Members Only Service

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Costco doesn't change much because its revenue model is different from those of its competitors. With a warehouse club membership, you can shop at the chain's cheap warehouses.

A model of a slow-moving chain. Costco's low prices don't need new ideas. It let the company put off selling on the internet for years.

Now that it has a few online services, it does not require all the bells as well as whistles Walmart and Amazon need to compete.

Costco has a full-service photo shop where you can get film developed and digital photos printed.

Since few people use film and it's easy to print pictures online, the Warehouse Club moved all photo computation and printing to their World wide web in 2021.

Also gone are,, and Early in January, members were told through emails.

Costco then told customers to upload their photos to Shutterfly, a popular online photo company that prints digital photos and puts them on mugs, schedules, and a variety of other items.

After the online photo centre closed, people can start moving projects to Shutterfly. Before the shutdown on January 28, members could install their pictures. Now, all they can do is pass them on.

Shutterfly, Costco's newest picture partner, wants to give members of Costco a good deal. Costco's website had the message from the new partner.

All of Costco's photo centre services are handled by Shutterfly (and many more). No one knows how long members of Warehouse Club have to move their pictures to Shutterfly.

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