Costco Customers Complaining About This Dessert

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How would the holidays be without a Costco treat? Thanksgiving is coming, so your favourite shop is stocking up on tasty things like Kirkland pumpkin pie and White Chocolate Cocoa Bombs.

Costco's sweets receive a lot of buzz, so there are sure to be some failures. According to consumers, a popular tiny dessert disappoints.

According to @costcobuys on Instagram, the Junior Mini Cheesecakes are back.

A box of 24 contains 8 original, 8 chocolate swirl, and 8 strawberry swirl small cakes. At 140 calories, what's not to like?

No, say consumers who tried them. Based on the comments on Instagram, these desserts are lacking a crust.

One user noted, "It's not the same without the crust," while another confirmed that they skipped buying the cheesecakes.

Cheesecake enthusiasts were shocked by this product, stated another follower "agree I LOVE cheesecake, but these were bad. It's all gone!"

We can't blame reviewers for finding cheesecake without crust harsh. Costco's sweets are normally good quality, so our expectations are high.

Not to mention our hopes for Junior's "world's best cheesecake." Oh well, there's always Kirkland's huge pumpkin cheesecake.

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